Intensity, luminosity, durability.

The sun, source of light and energy that shines high in the sky, gives us heat and bronzes our skins, and also has the peculiarity of being the closest luminous star to Earth.

The energy that this star radiates is essential for life, because it is captured and used by photosynthetic organisms and supports the climatic processes upon which the existence of human beings and the other species that live on the planet's surface depend.

Also, the use of solar energy as a source of electrical energy is one of the most important discoveries for the preservation of the planet, because it is inexhaustible, clean and safe.
The perception of the sun of human beings is divided between a body that gives life, that is the protagonist of poems and a source of energy and happiness.

All of these feelings are what have given us our Clifton Walnut design, made using an American walnut that is unmistakeable due to its character. All of its energy is perceived through the intensity of its colours and the luminosity of its design.
In addition, walnut is a wood characterised by its durability and is therefore currently one of the most sought-after woods.


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