Reflections, memory, texture.

The early-morning siren in large factories, textile companies, iron and steel works and throughout mining areas ceased to sound a long time ago in Spain, as in many other countries.

Globalisation and new raw materials have meant that, over the years, these factories have disappeared and nowadays are established in new locations where production costs are lower and much more competitive.
Because of this, many regions, towns and villages have been left without their main economic source.

Nothing lasts forever, but nothing is completely lost, and in this case the machinery, the plants, the factories, their unrepeatable architecture, in many cases the reflection of a style, of an age, of a way of life and of customs, a way of connecting, of a society that no longer exists. Live on.

And this is a heritage that has immense historic, cultural, technological and social value. These are spaces full of collective and, at the same time, individual memories. Buildings, machinery, warehouses, workshops, means of transport and places where social activities took place; homes, churches and schools. Spaces and elements of this heritage that we have incorporated into our daily lives, workshops that are now cafés, factories that are hotels, former stations that are restaurants, and large or small objects that decorate our homes.

The texture, the colours, the reflections of the Midtown Abstract design rise like a chimney from an old brickyard to remind us that this past and all this old activity still lives among us.

02229 - MIDTOWN

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