Colour, shapes, brightness.

An aurora borealis begins with a phosphorescent brightness on the horizon. This light diminishes, but then becomes stronger. That is when an illuminated arch appears, which sometimes closes in the form of a very bright circle (boreal crown).

In a matter of minutes, a dramatic change can be seen in the sky. A barrage of particles hits the upper atmosphere and a plasma,, called aurora, is produced, causing the release of lights and colours that can be seen at the poles at certain times of the year. Rays of light fall from space, forming curtains that expand in the sky and whose upper and lower edges are coloured violet and red.

The curtains disappear and return to form part of new rays of light. After 10 or 20 minutes the barrage ends and the activity decreases. The bands of lights cease to be produced and disintegrate into a diffuse light that spreads throughout the sky.

Auroras borealis appear as a celestial ballet of lights dancing in the night sky, with a very varied pallet of colours. A spectacle of colours and shapes in the style of 1980s fashion that appears in the dark sky on a spring night.

Only those who are fortunate enough to experience this natural phenomenon live and direct can fully understand the almost divine attraction that auroras borealis generate and that is reflected in our Boreal Elm design. A piece that is rich in shapes, structures and colours.

02232 - BOREAL ELM

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