African features, personality, profundity.

Karroo Acacia bears the name of a species of tree that is native to the region of Karoo, located in the ancient province of the Cape of South Africa where it is common, and often the only tree that can be found.

If we examine the details of the design, its unique lines, they remind us of one of the most recognised species in South Africa, zebras. If there is one thing that we know for sure, it is that the animal kingdom is very varied and utterly fascinating.

One of the wildest animals that arouses excitement because of its appearance is the African zebra. The most particular characteristic of zebras are their stripes, as this is what makes them so different and gives them their unique personality. Their striped flanks rise and fall while their maned necks swing to the rhythm of their vigorous movements.

It is interesting to know that the stripes of a zebra are not on their bodies by pure coincidence but are used as camouflage against the attacks that they can suffer from other wild animals that wish to make them their prey.

This personality and character is what the Karroo Acacia design shows us, with its exclusive stripes, its different tones of colours and its wild, profound shapes.


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