Freshness, nature, balance.

The Mediterranean has mild winters and hot summers, and its geography is equally soothing, boasting low hills and shallow valleys. It is an excellent place to live, with cities that are not too large, charming towns and villages, houses or cottages amongst cool woods and the sea always on the horizon.

As its name indicates, this is a place where many peoples and cultures have lived over thousands of years, and this generally gives its people an open, relaxed and honest character. This is the result of this cultural influence and of the cooperation that these people have left in all places.

The landscape is also a meeting point, where the woods coexist with all types of crops that seamlessly blend together as they cover hills and valleys in harmony.

Sativa Chestnut breathes the Mediterranean, and is a warm design of serene beauty, which only improves with age. It is harmonious in its shapes and balanced in its execution.
Its shapes are not smooth; they change, they move and leave us with a feeling of freshness and naturalness.

Unlike waves that come and go, Sativa Chestnut has come to stay.


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