Fluid movements and lively shapes.

If we think about electrifying movements that have thrilled millions of people, then the singer and "King of Pop", Michael Jackson, comes to mind.

Eccentric and extravagant in his appearance, he defined his own style and had a strong impact on the world of fashion, music and dance. His white gloves and his socks with shiny sequins have been considered as one of his most important "legacies".

Moonwalking, one of his most well-known dance steps, was made fashionable when he used it on stage in his performance of the song “Billie Jean”. From then on, the dance step accompanied him throughout his career and performances, to such a point that it is the most recognised dance step in the world.

As an icon of style, the King of Pop became the epicentre of a cultural and aesthetic movement.
With a style of movements that is quite different, we present to you our Big Sur Walnut. A design in American walnut that offers unique shapes and dimensional movements. Rare and unique, this design that demonstrates a strong artistic movement will create a trend without falling out of fashion, just like our American artist MJ.


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