Exuberance, richness, diversity.

The Amazon is biodiversity, but it is also mystery. Thousands and thousands of animal and vegetable species, but also of cultures that are dwarfed by this massive forest and that fight against extinction using their own jungle, a mystery as profound as its very existence.
The Rio Negro and the Solimóes (Amazon River) meet in Manaus, which is called the “meeting of the waters” but Manaus is also a meeting point for the past and present, of history and the future, but above all for the meeting of the Amazon jungle and civilisation.

To enter the river is to discover the immense, exuberant and limitless magnitude of the jungle.
Its endless variety of greenery, its thousands and thousands of proud trees standing tall and determined to stay strong. Life, the flora and fauna, are sometimes perceived as a feeling, as a presence and sometimes as a danger. Millions of kilometres of straight lines of water enable the existence of this infinite universe between the heavens and us, between the old gods that lived there and the implacable future.

Everything is wild in the jungle; its landscape, its inhabitants, its peoples. A silent but ruthless habitat where nothing comes easy, where you fight for everything, where everything is either won or lost. A unique place which, in a way, ceased to exist a very long time ago.


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