Who we are

Lamigraf is a family company founded in 1976 with the aim of designing, developing and manufacturing décors oriented to surfaces for furniture and flooring industries. 46 years later, our people are still in the engine at the heart of the Lamigraf machine. Nature, our source of inspiration, has shown us that we can overcome day-to-day setbacks with patience, tenacity, devotion and creativity. This is the attitude required to be successful.

But without a doubt, our most important value, the one of which we are proudest, is our team spirit. The human factor is the key to understand, interpret and meet the demands of our customers to guarantee an excellent product. We offer these values to our customers, who are our main source of motivation, and drive us to carry on improving every day. At present, with factories in several countries and customers spread across all corners of the world, what started out as a seed of hope has blossomed thanks to hard work and effort, to become what Lamigraf is today. 

Our values


Lamigraf started its journey in 1976, thanks to the hard work of the people who believed in the project. 40 years later, people are still the driving force behind Lamigraf: maintaining the same spirit, continuously learning and facing all challenges to adapt to each moment.
Lamigraf’s biggest asset is not our collection of designs, machines or our relationship with our customers; it is the people who make up the company. We strongly believe that every member of our team can make a difference, whatever their job.

Winning attitude

Nature, our source of inspiration, has shown us that we can overcome day-to-day setbacks with patience, tenacity, devotion and creativity. This is the attitude required to be successful.

Commitment is an essential attitude.

We are dedicated and committed people who make a difference in each and every one of our daily activities. Only we are responsible for meeting the objectives that we set ourselves.

As a team, we do not simply combine our efforts; we multiply them

We are much more than the sum of our parts. Sharing a common goal makes us stronger and turns independent people into a team that is working in the same direction. When we are together, nothing is impossible.

History of Lamigraf


Lamigraf was founded in 1976. Few customers and lots of empty chairs but no one said beginnigs were easy!


After a promising a start in the Spanish market, Lamigraf beggins its international adventure taking part in the Interzum Fair in Cologne. An excellent customer response marked the beginning of Lamigraf’s export tradition.


Orders were piling up. Production capacity was expanded with two new printing lines.


In the previous years production had exponentially increased. We had both the demand and the need to vertically integrate some of the processes involved in decor printing. Lamigraf’s first in-house designs and engraved cylinders are developed.


We installed our first computer!!! Although at first it was received with a lot of scepticism it turned out to be a useful tool.


Continuing with the vertical integration we began in 1983, we started producing our own inks.


Another two machines were installed to expand production capacity.


Barcelona celebrates its first Olympic Games and Lamigraf moves to a new office building.


To improve base paper and finished product storage, a new automatic warehouse with capacity for more than 6.000 rolls were installed.


We go multinational with the acquisition of Lamigraf Gmbh. With this deal Lamigraf positioned itself as a global player in the industry, expanding its presence in the Northern and Eastern European markets.


Business in Germany is running well so we expanded the factory with a new building.


To better serve our Chinese customers we opened both a commercial office in Shanghai and a colour lab.


New offices opened both in Istanbul and Atlanta.


Business in Asia is growing so we opened a commercial office and a colour lab in Bangkok. From this office, all Asian markets are followed except for China.


We opened a new office in Sopond, Poland, to better focus on Eastern and European Market.


For the first time Lamigraf sets a production site in another continent. The chosen location is Curitiba- Brazil from where all the Latin American market is to be served.


Without any doubt this is a special year for Lamigraf. On April, 2016 Lamigraf celebrated its 40th anniversary during Milano’s Salone del Mobile with a special private event dedicated to all its suppliers and customers.


Lamigraf celebrates the opening of a new headquarters in Brazil. The new plant acquisition not only will permit an extension and modernization of Lamigraf facilities but also double the capacity production of the company due to the installation of the second production line. By the end of the 2018, this investment will be complemented with the establishment of a cylinder recording machine.


On 4 December 2020, Lamigraf signed with Rotodecor GmbH the purchase of two rotogravure printing machines for its new factory in Changzhou.


Lamigraf closes 2021 with a major milestone in the group's history, the first printing of decorative paper at its new factory in China. The factory currently has a production capacity of up to 5,000 Tn and the group plans to expand its capacity to 15.000 Tn in the near future with the growing Chinese market ensuring the highest quality standards and providing a more competitive service.

Lamigraf in figures


m2 of produced paper


Tones of printed paper


Loaded trucks


Designs created

How we work

Scanning the original

Our experts in trends are responsible for choosing the originals which are to become the basis of our decorative paper. These originals can come from different parts of the world, following regional and global trends, and they are subsequently treated and handled by carpenters and other materials specialists, so that they are up to market standards.

Digital processing

Our design team is responsible for converting the originals into digital files that are suitable for use in the production process. During this process, our designers follow the latest global and regional trends observed, incorporating the knowledge acquired from working with architects, interior designers, journalists and other trendsetters.


During the cylinder plating and engraving phase, the digital images are engraved on copper cylinders and these are the basis of the industrial gravure printing process.

Ink production

Lamigraf manufactures all of the ink it uses in its production centers in its factory in L'Ametlla del Vallès (Barcelona). This allows us to ensure consistent product quality, regardless of where the printing process takes place.

Paper printing

Lamigraf has cutting-edge gravure printing machines with up to 5 printing units for the production of decorative paper. Our experienced printing professionals are responsible for ensuring consistent product quality that meets our customers’ requirements.


Energy efficiency

Since 2010, Lamigraf has been implementing an energy saving plan to ensure that we protect the environment when carrying out our activities and to save on energy costs.

The dedication of the work groups, composed of internal staff from various departments in the company, has been instrumental in achieving results, with an annual reduction of 13% in electricity consumption.


To print our decorative paper, we use organic water-based inks that are environmentally friendly and free of heavy metals, highly lightfast and heat resistant.

Lamigraf had one of the first factories in the sector to drive these changes in its ink production process, following the highest standards of quality and respect for the environment.


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