Lamigraf launches Trends & Inspirations 19/20 at Interzum

From the 21st to the 24th of May, Lamigraf presented its new collection “Inspirations and Trends 19/20”, a new versatile and complete selection of furniture and flooring designs. It includes a range of 31 designs and 28 unicolor developed following four new microtrends: Soft minimalism, Tactile nature, Playful formalism and Past traces.

Soft Minimalism and Tactile Nature are born on the analysis of “Reconnection” macrotrend, which is based on inner reflection, the sense of touch and nature connection. With wellbeing and spirituality on the rise, more and more individuals are taking active steps in the search for identity. Our tactile homes become healing temples and the serene interior design is looking up to Warm Minimalism as a source of comfort and detox.

The essence of Soft Minimalism focuses on the search of uncluttered spaces with a functional and comfortable design. Luminous and open spaces where decoration are present but not dominant and warm materials live in harmony with colder surfaces. The most successful designs for this theme have been the Casual Elm (an elm with a soft structure with delicate and subtle knots) as well as the elegant stone Buddha and the Havana textile.

The trend Tactile Nature embodies the need to get away from sleek digital surfaces and feel textures through our fingertips again, preferable those that remind us of natural structures. Among other industries, the surface design industry suggests a shift back to more sensory elements, as a result of not being in constant contact with nature, where we find balance and nourishment. Without doubt, the most prominent design to cover this trend has been Maika’I, a combination of net and cement, providing a worn net look which is very particular and appealing, together with a great variety of rustic woods.

Playful Formalism, based in the Economy Experience macrotrend, tells us to look into ways of staging memorable experiences with a main focus on engagement through interactivity catered to an ever-moving society. We feel a strong desire to experiment and interact with the product first hand. Physical often meets digital and design is seen from a fun and informal point of view. Co-working spaces are more fun, colorful, with open-spaces that allow to interact and play.

The two main highlights in this trend were Loto Stone design, an original gradient with a new proposal of fresh and youthful color, and Tanit Ash, a captivating and modern design , which stands out for its irregular sapwoods creating a harmonious diversity of shapes and strokes.

The last trend, Past Traces, refers to the new concept “Silent Luxury”. It’s the era of the understated luxury, bespoke, long-lasting and/or memorable. The meaning of ‘luxury’ evolves and has become a very personal state of mind. Traditional values are on vogue since they transmit familiarity, stability and security – all meanings that in today’s world of high rotation gain a new significance. Also, time is a commodity that has become a luxury, and to feel that your time is well spent in a beautiful home, is important now.

Past Traces looks back to former references, with a special nod to the Italy of the 50s and 60s. Heavily based on surface design, this trend looks for spaces where materials prevail over form and become the center of interiors. Spaces are refined, with bespoke features, highlighting confident patterns and total looks. Designs such as the striking emperor Marzena marble, the Bora Bora design alabaster or the elegant Madison, are an excellent option for these environments.

Once again, Lamigraf has relied on the collaboration of the Spanish industrial designer, Manolo Durán, who has developed two designs for this collection, the Acacia Rabat and the elm Casual.


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