Lamigraf collaborates in an industrial symbiosis programme

Within the framework of exchange and cooperation projects with the education system and a commitment to new talents, Lamigraf thanks the Fundació Universitaria Martí L’Humà, the Polytechnic University of Barcelona and especially the mechanical engineering student Raúl Benítez for having collaborated for three months in a study of industrial symbiosis in our company.


Industrial symbiosis involves traditionally separate industries in a collective approach to competitive advantage involving the physical exchange of materials, energy, water and/or by-products. The keys to this programme are collaboration and the synergistic possibilities offered by cross-industry exchange or trading. The by-product of one company is the raw material of another.


The practice of industrial symbiosis makes it easier for resources to remain valid for productive use within the economy for longer, thus providing a step towards the creation of a circular economy.

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