Integral service

The BMK and the Lamigraf Groups have signed a mutual priority collaboration agreement to offer their customers a top-quality, competitive, integral product worldwide.

The collaboration falls within the context of their specialities, with BMK providing its experience in matters related to paper impregnation and with Lamigraf providing its knowledge about decorative paper printing, based on the following strategic points:


  • Joint efforts in the research and development of new products and solutions
  • Commercial synergies and expansion of the sales force in potential markets
  • Optimisation of the supply chain to provide an efficient, integral service
  • The undertaking of joint investments for the organic growth of the companies


Both companies, with family-owned shares, have set up a long-term strategic plan to deal with the new scenario of the sector which will enable them to focus their efforts on the countries in which they have a presence, by offering a greater added value to their customers, which is an important advance in their professional careers.


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