Printed Décor Paper

As a specialist in printed décor paper, we produce a wide range of high quality decorative papers used in the production of furniture, laminate flooring and other interior and exterior design panels.

Authentic reproduction of real woodgrains, stones, fantasies and other mineral patterns are designed matching current trends and creating a visual effect that captures the natural diversity of materials.


Pre-impregnated papers

Lamifoil is a specialist flexible finish foil manufactured from pre-impregnated papers. These specialty printed papers are impregnated with duroplast resins and thermosetting lacquering systems to provide a high resistance surface.

These decorative foils constitute an intermediate range paper-based overlay ideal for use in furniture production offering a variety of surface finishes: natural wood look, variety of glosses, elegant matt, supermatt and 3D haptics look.

All our decorative paper designs and their wide range of colours are available in finish foil.

Impregnated Paper

At Lamigraf, we offer our customers a wide range of integral decorative surface solutions for the furniture and the floor industry in which we have incorporated the impregnation process through the collaboration set up with the BMK Group, a leading company in the sector the world over.

The result of the end product is in line with our standards of high quality and reliable supply which combine with our extensive experience backed by our company history and the best state-of-the-art technology available.

Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement which motivates us to innovate and develop new products within this line to be able to offer them to our customers, such as:

  • Decor paper DT Tech for deep structures,
  • Overlay papers based on Polyurethane,
  • Multilayer products for flooring,
  • Antifingerprint Overlays for furniture,
  • Etc.

Synchro Wood®

Synchro-wood is an innovative concept which has been developed to offer trendy and completely differentiated structures of natural solid woods, using a unique press plate thus creating premium collections with the least investment.

The special technology of Synchro-wood enables our customers to:

  • Minimize press plate investments.
  • Reduce up to 4 times press set-up time, resulting in substantial productivity improvements.
  • Avoid limitations with the designs layout measurements.
  • Achieve a high quality and competitive products through innovation.

Synchro-wood designs are able for flooring and furniture surfaces.


Unicolors have always been a major fashion trend used on nearly all decoration surfaces and types of furniture.

For us, there is no limit to colour imagination. We have been able to reach higher intensity levels and colour homogeneity through research and technological know-how, which has also enabled us to offer a wide range of hues periodically adapted to colour trends. Lamigraf unicolors explore new horizons through a wide chromatic variety than can be combined with almost everything and providing a differential touch of sophistication and elegance to any decorative space.


With the manufacturing of our décor paper printing inks we achieve consistency, reliability and high quality. Our technical and human teams are not only oriented towards the production of the necessary inks for the printing process but are constantly engaged in research and development of new products and materials aimed at improving the performance of décor paper and improving the associated production processes.

Our environmental friendly inks are made with organic, water-based and heavy metal-free inks. Lamigraf was a sector pioneer in promoting these changes for the ink-manufacturing process, following the strictest quality criteria and respect for the environment.

Electromechanical Engraving

Having an in-house engraving department is a key element in offering greater flexibility and adaptability in the face of our customers' demands. It allows us wider control of the production process, guaranteeing the most reliable results in each of our designs.

Gravure, unlike most other printing processes, prints from depressed, ink-filled cells produced on the surface of a copper-plated cylinder.

Electromechanical engraving uses an electronically-controlled diamond-stylus to cut the cells into the surface of the gravure cylinder. During the cylinder plating and engraving phase, the digital images are engraved on copper cylinders and these are the basis of the industrial gravure printing process.


ALL-IN Collection: solutions for fronts, corners and edges

All-in collection is a new concept to give a perfect customer service in terms of quality and speed and provide our customers with a fantastic opportunity to offer unique furniture designs in different solutions.

These collections are composed by designs that are available with a wide range of colours and in different materials: melamine, finish foil, PVC, edge band and embossed-in-register.

We offer this collections in partnership with:

Rehau® for edge banding solutions

Alfatherm® and Renolit® for PVC surfaces


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