Lamigraf presents its new collection Zoom Out at ForMóbile 2018

At ForMóbile, the international trade fair for the furniture and wood industry taking place from July 10 to 13 at the São Paulo Expo, Lamigraf presented its new collection ZOOM OUT. It consists of twenty-five new designs that Lamigraf launched at the beginning of the year, and has been completed with some novelties launched in June 2018.

Zoom Out collection is presented through four open, dynamic and multidisciplinary new spaces that adapt to a new way of relating, working and ultimately living.  In addition, according to the general idea of this collection, to look up and see things with perspective, each concept talks about objects, spaces and architectures that, even looking contradictory, by widening our gaze and distancing ourselves from them, we observe how they dialogue, complement and reinvent themselves creating new environments. Zoom out doesn’t talk about specific styles, but about the marriage of a lot of styles into one creative space.

Lamigraf Booth, designed with the four thematic areas of the collection, inspired visitors to discover new combinations of designs and unicolors through the following concepts: Urban Harvest, Single Collective, Perfect Mess and Innovative Roots.

Zoom Out collection stood out for its great variety of materials, where we can find a wide range of calm and natural woods mixed with some other cold materials like concrete, oxide and stones.  One of the focus of this collection are the hybrid designs like Concrete Illusion, an irregular textile structure that combines concrete matrix and textile reinforcement, which allows to create free forms and geometries.

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